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At Fertility Help Hub, we know first-hand how lonely a fertility struggle can be. Family and friends can be a great support, but what if we told you that you can connect with others around the world, at any time and for free? 

Meet people who are travelling similar paths and truly get it. There are over a thousand people in our app, who are at different stages of their TTC journey, dotted all over the world.

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Find a Private Community Outside Of Social Media
No question is a stupid question and you can chat with others who may know the answers to something that's been niggling at you. Additionally, it's a space to share the emotions that come with an infertility journey.

Follow Topics That Interest You
You can add as much or as little to your profile as you like and then follow other people / topics which interest and resonate with you. From starting treatment and testing, to donor conception and baby loss, we have it all covered. You can find  supportive articles, events, expert resources and some fabulous discounts. We have regular video content and podcasts too, where you can have your questions answered.


This year we will be extending the app to help our community connect with mentors who have been there themselves and are happy to support and share their experiences / answer questions.

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What Our Members Say

"I have just joined Fertility Squad. If I’m completely honest I was terrified to join as I suppose I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was admitting I had a problem. I’ve just had a flick though the posts and wanted to say thank you. Yet again, you’ve helped me on this journey.

It’s so reassuring to see other people have similar questions and concerns that I have. Your work is fabulous. Especially all the info on the Instagram page and website. This has been missing in the fertility world for years. It’s so good it’s now there for those that need it.”

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